TSC – Shotgun Step III

Realistic solutions to threats by focusing on consistency, movement, communication, and practical defense are integrated throughout the TSC Shotgun courses. Students test their mindset and ability using concepts and skills they’ve developed throughout the course with every step. Reality is stressed at all times.

Students attending TSC Shotgun III should have completed TSC Shotgun I&II or an NRA Basic Shotgun course. We will cover shooting and reloading on the move, using cover, threat assessment, shot decision, moving targets and ammo considerations in the Step III class. If you question whether you meet these criteria, please contact us.

Equipment required:

• photo ID
• dependable shotgun in 12, 20 or 410 gauge (pump or semi-auto preferred)
• a way to carry extra rounds (dump pouch, skeet pouch or vest with pockets)
• a way to carry rounds on your shotgun or belt for quick access
• if your shotgun has interchangeable chokes, bring them and any tools to change them with
• eye and ear protection
• a hat with a brim (preferred)

Round Count: 100 rounds min (no steel or magnum.  we recommend standard sporting rounds in #7, #7 1/2, or #8 or higher), 5 slugs and 5 buckshot rounds (no slugs in shotguns with full or tighter chokes)
Course Length: 5 hrs.