TSC – Pistol Step I

Realistic solutions to threats by focusing on consistency, movement, communication, and practical defense are integrated throughout the TSC Pistol courses. Students test their mindset and ability using concepts and skills they’ve developed throughout the course with every step. Reality is stressed at all times.

Students attending TSC Pistol I should have a basic working knowledge of their handgun.  We will cover sighting in, gear, reloading and malfunction drills in the Step I class. If you question whether you meet these criteria, please contact us.

Equipment required:

• photo ID
• dependable handgun in 9mm/.38 caliber minimum
• at least one additional magazine for semi auto (speed-loaders for revolvers)
• a strong side holster that covers the trigger guard fully
• a magazine pouch for the extra magazine
• eye and ear protection
• a hat with a brim (recommended)

Round Count: 100 rounds min
Course Length: 4 hrs.

TSC Pistol I will cover:
Introductions, Releases and Logistics, Expectations, Firearms Safety Lecture (on the range as well as at home), Equipment Selection and ammunition considerations. Safe Gun Handling, Student evaluation pre-test (sighting in), Combat Marksmanship, Ready Positions, 180 degree rules, Firearm presentation, scanning for threats, reloading and common malfunctions.