Team Members

stpatricksday_2Owner/Chief Instructor David Jordan Jr.

David refers to himself as a regular “gun guy”.  Growing up spending time playing in the woods, shooting air guns and growing into rifles and shotguns, he has had a love for all things firearm related most of his life.  Since 2008, David has worked on honing his skills by competing in IDPA, 3 Gun, Long Range Precision and Skeet matches regionally.  In addition to the skills he builds on in competition, David is also a certified NRA instructor in Basic Pistol, Personal Protection Inside the Home and a certified NC Concealed Carry Instructor.

One of Davids favorite things to do is take classes from other instructors.  Learning from different view points and taking direction from instructors that have varying backgrounds has helped him become a more well rounded and practical instructor himself.  At CTO we thoroughly believe that one of the most important factors of being a great instructor, is being an even better student.